1. General Information: This is the agreement giving the important terms and conditions upon which we agree to book services. This Client Service Agreement is a legally binding agreement between you (“Client”) and Dioduet Travel (“Travel Agency”) and governs dealings between you and Travel Agency.

  2. Reservations and Payment. Pries are not guaranteed until your reservation(s) have been paid in full. Once payment has been made, confirmation will be sent usually within 72 hours and vouchers are issued, no later than 7 days prior to departure.

  1. Forms of Payment: We accept wire transfers, cashiers checks and all major credit cards. Credit card payments, require that a credit card authorization form be completed and submitted with copies of front/back of credit card & government photo id. Vouchers will not be released until full payment has been made. A merchant fee of 4% may apply for credit card charges.

  1. Deposit and Timely Payment: Timely payment of your deposit is essential to assure that your reservation is held. Your deposits are subject to be forfeited & reservation canceled, if payment deadlines are not met.

  1. Document Accuracy: It is your responsibility to review your travel documents for accuracy, asap, once you have received them.

  1. Booking Changes or Cancellations: Change & cancellation conditions vary per vendor. If changes are allowed, a change fee may incur, along with additional increased costs, if applicable. Cancellations may result in a loss of all or part of your payment. Changes in group bookings can result in a complete cancellation or additional monies due immediately, depending on the venue and the change. Group air/group packages/tours may result in the cancellation of the group & additional monies required immediately, if the group size decreases or a change of dates does not have group space.

  1. Visa/Special Permits: You are responsible for obtaining any necessary visas and travel permits for all countries that you will be traveling through or to. Visa entry requirements may vary, depending on your nationality, length of stay, purpose of visit etc... It is also your responsibility to make certain, that your passports are valid at least 6 months, after your arrival home, from your trip. If you need assistance with obtaining visa's, let us know & we will assist, for a fee.

  1. Insurance: Travel insurance is strongly suggested, due to unforeseen circumstances that could lead to a cancellation of your travel, pre-trip, vendor bankruptcy or closure or any mishaps, accidents, flight cancellations,emergencies or other hiccups that could occur during your trip. If any of this occurs, the travel agency is not responsible nor liable for compensation to the client, as the travel agency cannot be held liable.

  1. Refunds: Pre-trip, refunds will be paid, if eligible, according to the vendor's cancellation policy. Once the trip has commenced, no refunds are available.

  1. Ticket Document & Delivery: Documents should be received, no later than 5 days prior to your departure. E-tickets & E-vouchers are primarily used. If physical tickets are issued, they will be forwarded by expedited mail or courier.

  1. Travel Agency Responsibility: You fully understand the airline tickets, hotels/resorts, tours and other travel services, reservations and bookings made of any kind on your behalf (restaurant, events, parties, sporting events etc) or products are non-refundable and/or are subject to cancellation penalties/ change fees in the event changes need to be made or canceled. Cancellation of any event by the vendor & it’s parties et al & any monies that may be due. is between you & the vendor & it’s parties et al. You confirm that all submitted travel information by the agency has been reviewed and is accurate and that you were offered travel insurance in order to protect yourself & your party from any financial losses & that if you declined, that you take full responsibility, for yourself & your travel party, of the financial burden that this may cause. You also confirm that the information that you have provided to the Travel Agency is accurate and take full responsibility, if it is not. The Travel Agency, its affiliates or independent contractors are in no way responsible for the operation of any hotels, resorts, tour operators, airlines or programs, services etc, that are affiliated with your reservation(s). So, You hereby agree to indemnify and hold blameless The Travel Agency et al., from and against any and all judicial and non-judicial claims, by direct result or indirect result of any reservations/bookings/travel services et al, made on your behalf or any bookings charged on your credit card on someone else’s behalf. You also confirm that you signature and payment, to The Travel Agency, binds you and your party to this agreement (terms and conditions, et al)

  1. A-Traveler/Client Responsibility and Assumption of Risk: “I understand and am aware that during my travel(s) booked on my behalf by Dioduet Travel et al, that certain risks and dangers may arise, including, but not limited to the hazards of traveling in unsafe areas or under unsafe conditions. The hazards of traveling in politically unstable areas, or during uncertain weather conditions, the dangers of civil disturbance and war, the forces of nature, negligent or reckless acts, omissions of and/or bankruptcy,insolvency or cessation of services of vendors. In consideration of, and as part of the payment for, the right to book, purchase & participate in travel arrangements made on my behalf, I have and do hereby expressly assume all of the above risks. The terms of this agreement shall serve as a release and express assumption of risk for myself, my traveling party, my heirs, assignees, administrators, executors and all members of my family, including any minors accompany me. I have read and fully understand the provisions and legal consequences of this Release and Assumption of Risk, completely and in totalality.